Captain Phillips (2013)

IMG_1393Hello again. We’re on our flight back home after meeting somebody whose book was turned into a movie. That bloke is Richard Phillips and this film is based on the incredible true story of when his ship, the Maersk Alabama was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009 led by Muse (Barkhad Abdi), the first American ship to be hijacked by pirates in 200 years.

When we saw this amazing film, we would never think that the lead character, Captain Richard Phillips would be portrayed by anybody but Tom Hanks whose performance was fine got straight to the point of what it would be like to be the victim of the hijacking of a ship. After seeing this film, Chuck and I agreed that this was Tom Hanks’ most intense film ever made. Also, the performance by Barkhad Abdi as Muse, the pirate leader as we mentioned earlier, was also amazing too, thanks to how well he made his character sound like a ruthless and cunning pirate.

There are more reasons as to why this film was good. The cinematography by Barry Ackroyd, B.S.C. added more to the suspense and emotions of this exciting film. As lovers of British composer Henry Jackman, we thought he did another great job at adding to the fun of ride. The last and foremost thing that made this film good was the screenplay by Billy Ray, who paid a good attention to detail of what happens in the film and how well he adapted it for the big screen.

Overall, this is another exciting film, where Cast Away (2000) meets United 93 (2006). We would highly recommend it. That’s all from us now, so until next time, goodbye.

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Chuck gives Captain Phillips (2013) 4 groundhogs


Noah (2014)

IMG_2247Usually, we’re not big fans of epic films like this one, but we chose to make an exception this time. This film, loosely based on the story from the old testament in the bible tells Noah’s (Russell Crowe) tale about being chosen by Earth’s creator to rescue the innocent before a deadly apocalyptic flood cleanses the world of evil.

First off, we were a little worried that it wouldn’t be that good based on intel we gathered from Rotten Tomatoes. Luckily, we were wrong. This film was fun filled with amazing visuals, thanks to the eye of director Darren Aronofsky and his crew. Here’s why his crew did a good job at painting this picture.

First, the film editing by Andrew Weisblum, A.C.E. was amazingly original in terms of ideas for editing the film, which made telling the story more exciting. The next thing was the cinematography by Matthew Libatique, A.S.C. whose work added suspense and color to this amazing epic, not to mention the beautiful underwater cinematography by underwater director of photography Pete Romano, A.S.C. Also, British composer Clint Mansell does a good job at combining music that sounds like it would come from that time period of which the film is set in along with some modern day music. The last things that made it good was Russell Crowe’s amazing performance and the explosive action sequences that made it even more exciting.

However, there was one small problem. Spencer had a feeling that the film moved a little too quickly and Chuck is a little uncomfortable around water, because he almost drowned once in water. Other than that, a fine film.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back with a report on Captain Phillips (2013).

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Chuck gives Noah (2014) 2 groundhogs


Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

IMG_2074Hello again. Sorry we’re late in bringing more news, but we’ve been busy with other things. One of these things is moving from Detroit, Michigan to Baltimore, Maryland so we can easily travel to Washington D.C. to visit Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America.

With Steve now living in the present day, he has a lot to learn so he can live comfortably in the present day from when he was living in the World War II era, but he has to confront a dark side of the past that he thought was gone and done with.

To start off, this sequel was done by a different crew, who did a better job than the other crew for the first film which is one of the two reasons why this sequel was better than it’s predecessor. The other reason is the plot. Here’s how the crew did a better job.

The first and most important key in this reason is directors Anthony Russo’s and Joe Russo’s style for the film that made it better because the director(s) have final say over what is done and what happens in the story and the making of the film. The second key is the cinematography by Trent Opaloch who delivered a roller coaster ride, compared to the work by Shelly Johnson, A.S.C. for the first one, who’s work was more basic. The third key in this reason is the improved editing by Jeffrey Ford, A.C.E. who returned for this film and Matthew Schmidt who replaced Robert Dalva, A.C.E. who’s work was pretty basic for the first one. The last key part in this reason is the music by Henry Jackman whose work was better than that of Alan Silvestri for the first one, because we like his style better than Alan Silvestri’s.

Here’s why the plot for this film is better than the second one. The story has not one, but two big twists in it, ones that we can’t spoil, but they make a pretty good ideas for originality, but the thing that we liked the most is that they probably borrowed an idea for the story from the third season of the television series Torchwood (2006 TV Series) which worked pretty well with this film. Another thing that was well written was the fact that Steve has find his way in the modern world, because it’s hardly been done before.

Overall, this is an amazing film where Torchwood (2006 TV Series) meets Dredd (2012). We would highly recommend it for Marvel fans. We’ll be back soon with an article about Noah (2014).

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Chuck gives Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) 5 groundhogs


12 Years a Slave (2013)

IMG_2414Hello again. We’re here to bring you a report on a film about the true story of Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) a married African American lad with a two children born in the northern United States during the slave-era who is kidnapped and sold into slavery.

First off, I thought this was one of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen, while it’s the saddest film that Chuck has seen. Why? Because it’s done with a screenplay by John Ridley who puts so much detail into how horrible slave life would be like during those times. It is done well, but there are some major problems with the way it was executed.

The first thing is that there is no way to tell the passage of time which is important when you’re telling a story like this that takes place in a span of twelve years in case something important happens in a specific year and you need to know what that year is, right?

The next thing is that when you take a look at what this story is about, you would expect to get some time to see Solomon with his family before he gets kidnapped and the same with him being kidnapped and reuniting with his family. Instead, you hardly get any time in those parts of the film and focuses only on the time when he is a slave.

To make matters worse, there is hardly any dialogue between Solomon and the other characters, making it a little boring.

The last thing that was wrong with this film was that there was a song that had racial slurs in it that led it to be a despicable song that led us to hating it. Also, there is one scene that is so graphic and disturbing, we couldn’t watch it. We won’t describe it, but I couldn’t even look at the screen and Chuck covered his ears when his eyes were shut during the scene. Luckily I didn’t cover my ears so I could tell him when it was over.

Overall, this was a good film with some major problems that need fixing. Other than that, that’s all from Spencer and Chuck At the Movies and until next time, goodbye.

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Chuck gives 12 Years a Slave (2013) 1 groundhog


Non-Stop (2014)

IMG_2071Hello. Sorry we’ve been gone for so long, but we were on a flight to Belfast, UK that was rudely interrupted by a gunmen. Luckily, we saved the flight from certain destruction. Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) is an air marshal aboard a flight from JFK International Airport to London. Everything goes along as planned, but when Bill starts receiving mysterious text messages, he must save the day and the people on board before it’s too late.

At first we thought we were going to walk straight into a big bear trap and think it was boring. But we were wrong. This is where Executive Decision (1996) is combined with The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) to form an explosive suspense filled thrill ride! Here’s why.

When you take a look at many of the films that involve something being hijacked, guns are drawn and hostages are taken straight away. Instead, this happens a lot later into the film, with an explosive twist ending you will never forget, leaving you guessing from takeoff who the bad guy is.

Next is the music by John Ottman, A.C.E. We thought it went along well with the film and made it more exciting and suspenseful. It’s great to listen to as well on iTunes or on CD, but we’re not sure if it’s  good enough to qualify as one of the best soundtracks of 2014. Nevertheless, it’s great music. However, we think that Ben Foster (Not the actor Ben Foster, a different Ben Foster) would do a better job for some parts of the film.

Furthermore, the editing by Jim May, A.C.E. had some very original ideas, which led to the film to what it is now. For example, when Bill receives the text messages, you would expect a closeup of his cell phone’s screen so you can see him typing on it. Instead, you see the message being typed on the film’s screen, bringing in more tension and excitement, especially when you see pictures of a cute girl and a strange video of something happening on the plane as well.

Lastly to finish off this amazing flight’s crew and passengers is the star studded cast that also includes Julianne Moore, Michelle Dockery, Lupita Nyong’o & Scoot McNairy that makes this film even more interesting, because you need a good cast to make a good film, right? Otherwise, it would either be a film that either has a bad plot with a star studded cast to cover the taste of the cake or it would be a film that has a good story, but the acting by the cast was horrible.

Overall, we think this is one of the best action movies of the year 2014 so far. Keep up with us as we will come back with 12 Years a Slave (2013) for you.

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Spencer gives Non-Stop (2014) 5 groundhogs


Chuck gives Non-Stop (2014) 4 groundhogs